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Privacy Policy

At, we value privacy of the users of our website. Subsequently, we have come up with a privacy policy that guides us on how to handle data collected from such users. By visiting our website, you agree to adhere to this privacy policy.

The Type of Information that we Collect

  • Country of access
  • Browsing device
  • Users browser
  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

The Purpose of Collecting Information from Our Users

  • To enable us verify the identity of the users. This helps us to prevent fraudsters from ordering for our services. It is also helps us to avoid misuse of our services.
  • Offering our different products- Without some critical information of our users, it would be difficult to offer our various products.
  • As a legal requirement. In order to prevent cyber crime, the law requires websites to collect some basic information of the users. At our company, we always comply with this law.
  • For marketing reasons- Some information that we collect from the users of our websites helps in designing and launching targeted marketing campaigns.
  • For improvement of our products- Information such as; browsing device, and users device may help us in better improving the user experience.

Non-Automatic Ways of Collecting Clients’ Information

This way involves requesting the user to provide us with some specific information. We may collect this kind of information when he/she:

  • Contacts us via; WhatsApp, telephone, chat forum or e-mail
  • Leaves a review on the website
  • Comments on any of the pages
  • Fills the order form on the website
  • Launches a complaint or any other form of feedback

Use of Cookies

We may use cookies to automatically collect the users’ information. The use of cookies is nonetheless optional. You are at liberty to allow or decline the use of cookies each time that you visit our website. It is nonetheless worth pointing out declining the use of cookies may affect your experience on the website. We mainly use the data collected through the use of cookies to improve our various products.

Storage of Data

Our goal is to keep user’s data as safe as possible. As a result of this, no authorized personnel is allowed to access it. Moreover, we normally store it in an encrypted format. This further secures it from falling into the wrong hands. The servers used to store and process them are also secure for this same purpose.

We also do not store our clients’ information any longer than we must.

Sharing of Personal Data

In order to share personal data, we normally require the user’s consent. There are however some instances when we might not require it. Some of these instances include:

  • When sharing the data in an aggregate form. Data in this form cannot be traced back to any individual user.
  • In the event that the law compels us to share such data.

External Links

This website may contain links to redirecting to other websites. This company is not liable for any cause or harm that may result from such an act. In such an event the privacy of such a website applies.

Review of This Privacy Policy reserves the right to review this page without prior notice to any user.