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DNP Capstone Project HelpDNP Capstone Project HelpDNP Capstone Project Help


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Epidemiology of Dementia

Definition of Dementia Dementia occurs when both memory and cognitive function of a person deteriorates in a progressive nature. The condition results from various diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. In 2017, it was estimated that approximately 261,914 deaths were related to dementia as a key underlying cause of death in the United States (Kramarow & Tejada-Vera, […]
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Reflection Assignment

Metacognition My experience in the last three weeks was a bit of a roller coaster. Initially, I did not know that my project would require approval from Dr. Walden before I could begin. However, after several days of email exchanges between Dr. Ward, Dr. Jefferson, and Ms. Sandra, and me, I received approval from Dr. […]
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PICOT & Search Strategy

Assessment 3 PICOT Question The following practice question serves as the basis for this research: Among pregnant women at a community health setting (P), does self-management education (I) compared to normal practice (C) reduce cardiovascular disease-related mortality and morbidity (O) within six months? Search Strategy The DNP student carried out an extensive literature search to […]
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DNP Reflection Assignment

Meta-Cognition My experience in weeks seven and eight was both challenging and rewarding. I must admit that I was a little frustrated that my quality improvement (QI) project had a slow start and have encountered a few challenging moments. Fortunately, I am pleased as nurses are finally getting comfortable with the new process using the […]
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